Ever wonder what non-surgical hair replacement is?  The process is typically an unknown concept for most people.  When it comes to hair replacement options, most people think of surgical hair transplants.  However, surgical hair transplants are not always the right or affordable option. 

Non-surgical hair replacement is an alternative solution that should be considered if you are looking to regain a full head of hair.       

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is Virtually Unnoticeable

So, what is non-surgical hair replacement?  Non-surgical hair restoration is a virtually undetectable option that integrates the client’s natural hair with a hair replacement system.  The hair system and the client’s hair are blended seamlessly to give the client a full head of hair that is in line with their natural look. 

At a Natural Image, we use hair systems that are made from 100% human hair.  This gives our clients the most natural look possible.  By staying up to date on the latest techniques and the most advanced products on the market we ensure our client’s non-surgical hair replacement is the perfect fit for them and their lifestyle.  We also work very hard to make our clients comfortable and confident when they leave our studio.

The American Hair Loss Association cited non-surgical hair replacement as being a “wonderful alternative for people who want to have a fuller head of hair without surgery.”  In the blog post below, they also share tips for finding the right non-surgical hair replacement studio.  Click here to read the full post and if you have additional questions about non-surgical hair replacement or would like to come in for a complimentary consultation, please contact us.

Read the full article from The American Hair Loss Council reference above by clicking here.