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Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Replacement

Q: What happens at a consultation?

A:  At A Natural Image we offer confidential consultations in a private setting to discuss your hair restoration needs.  At your initial consultation, we’ll learn more about how we can make you feel your best again. Then we’ll make recommendations on the best options for you and provide pricing. A $50 consultation fee is required at the time of booking or visit. $50 consultation fee becomes a deposit if you purchase a hair system from us.

Q: Is non-surgical hair replacement expensive?

A:  There are a number of factors that contribute to the cost of non-surgical hair replacement solutions and we try to offer our client’s options at various price points.  We will help you find an option that fits your budget so don’t let the investment deter you from learning more.  You may be surprised at how affordable it can actually be because we also offer payment plans!  Let yourself enjoy finding out that you are worth it!

Q: What makes A Natural Image different than the large hair replacement chains I see commercials for?

A:  Many things.  We are here to be your partner in hair replacement services.  We care more about making you look and feel good again than about the fine print in a contract.  We offer the same hair restoration options as the large chains but we bring them to you with a focus on making hair replacement affordable, providing superior customer service and being flexible with our customer relationships.  We’ll never lock you in to a long term contract!