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Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Thinning Hair and Hair Loss: Solutions for Women - You are not ALONE!

Experiencing thinning hair or hair loss can be emotionally devastating for woman.  While you may not realize it until something changes, hair plays an important role in your day to day life.  From how you feel at home when you’re with your spouse, to your level of confidence in the workplace, experiencing hair loss can impact your confidence, your self-image and your emotional health.

A Natural Image Has Your Solution to Female Hair Loss

Women experience hair loss and thinning for a number of reasons

  • Female pattern baldness/Heredity
  • Alopecia
  • Medical issues, treatments and prescription drugs
  • Stress

If you are noticing hair loss, you should consult with your Doctor before pursuing a hair loss solution but when you’re ready, the professional team at A Natural Image can provide a variety of customized options.

What is Non-Surgical Hair Replacement for Women?

Non-surgical hair replacement for women is a cutting edge solution to hair loss.  For a woman experiencing hair loss, our goal is to provide a result that is undetectable and looks as natural as possible.  We want to bring back good hair days and restore your appearance to a time when you felt good about yourself.

To do this, we offer our female hair replacement clients the latest integrated hair systems on the market.  The process begins with a private consultation where we learn more about your needs and discuss how we can help.

Once you’ve made the decision to pursue a hair loss solution, we talk with you and learn how you’d like your hair to look.  We evaluate your hair and look at things like your hair color, texture, and density.  We combine all of these elements together to design a customized 100% human hair replacement system that integrates with your natural hair.  Synthetic and high heat fiber hair systems are also available. The result is a full head of hair that looks as if it is your own!

The Benefits to Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

If you’ve been experiencing hair loss or thinning hair, you’ve probably done some research on the solutions available to you.  Non-surgical hair replacement offers a hair loss solution with results unlike hair transplants, topical solutions and vitamins.

The benefits of non-surgical hair replacement for women include:

  • A guaranteed full head of hair.
  • You can style your hair system along with your natural hair, just as you would your natural hair.
  • The style of your hair system can change whenever you’d like it to.
  • There are minimal lifestyle restrictions when wearing a hair system.
  • No waiting for products or vitamins to work; you’ll have instant results.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to hair loss and hello to good hair days, contact us to schedule your confidential consultation.

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